About us


To empower and provide opportunity to children and women of economically weaker section of the society and make them healthy, literate and skilled citizens of the country.


To provide education, health care, clean environment, vocational training free of cost to children, women of all caste and creed belonging to the economically weaker section of the society to help them lead empowered lives with dignity and respect.

Brief Status of Activities of Sawan Society

Imparting completely free education to street / poor and EWS children. Imparting completely free vocational training of tailoring, knitting & embroidery Organising blood donation camps How the idea was conceive to start the social work by the founder chairman – “Mr. Harpreet Singh”

The importance of education has been universally acknowledged and as he inferred from the various articles of the great leaders, thinkers and philosophers that no subject is of greater importance than that of education and it (Education) is the only panacea for all social ills / evils. It made him to develop a firm conviction and belief that illiteracy is a curse and it has to be eliminated altogether. According to him it is possible only when education is made available absolutely free to one and all especially to the children from economical weaker section and every child of school going age must go to school. He/ She should not be deprived of his / her basic right of education because of poverty and ignorance of his / her parents. With this conviction in his mind, once he happened to meet a few children of school going age picking up rags from the garbage, he asked them if they were studying, One of them mustered courage with tears in his eyes replied ‘no’ because they were from poor and illiterate families and if they did not work, they would starve. They did not have money and time for studying and none would allow them to even enter in school with such dirty clothes. He sobbingly said that they could study only in the afternoon and that too completely free.